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Visits from the Dead

Grandparents' Goodbye by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

from: Crystal Dickens
date: Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 6:04 PM

I have a really neat story to tell, and and going to try to condense it as much as possible.

I am the youngest of 6 grandchildren on my dads side of the family. I loved my grandpa and grandma very much. I don't really remember my grandmother all that well, she passed away when I was only 3 and I get vague pictures of her every now and then. I did however grow up around my grandpa and was very close to him.

Grandpa passed away when I was 12. April 2nd was his birthday so I had went up to the hospital to visit him. He had been talking about going home the night before so my mom thought it would be ok for me to go visit, remember I was only 12 at the time.

By the time that we got to the hospital grandpa had slipped into a coma and his hands and feet had started to turn black, so he was dying by the time we got to the hospital. My aunt let me in the room to say good bye and kiss him but she insisted that I was too young to watch him die. I was very angry at her for making me leave.

My mom and I started for home, and this is where it gets creepy and interesting all at the same time. 9:38 p.m., I turned and looked at my mom and told her that grandpa was dead. She looked at the clock and asked me how I knew, I told her I felt when he let go.

At 11 that night my dad called to tell me that he had passed away, before giving me the phone, mom asked dad what time he passed away, the time was 9:38!

Well, that night I cried myself to sleep and those types of sleep are very hard for me to wake up from and not be groggy and know where I am and stuff like that. At 3:00 a.m. something woke me from my sleep and instantly I was on alert. My room was freezing and I knew I wasn't alone. I looked in the corner of my room and there were my grandparents. They looked like they were arguing and then they noticed me looking and they both turned, looked at me, smiled, and I swear I heard grandma say, "grandpa was ready to be with me, he is happy and without pain, don't be sad!" Then I heard my grandpa say, "we both love you and will be watching over you!" It felt like a kiss was planted on each of my cheeks.

I like to think that grandpa hung on long enough so that I could say good bye and then he decided that he wanted me to know that him and grandma were there for me.

Thanks so much for letting me get my story out there!

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