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Time/space Displacement

Indian Soap Song by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

from: Anonymous
date: Fri, Jun 6, 2008 at 7:53 AM

I have listened to many creepy firsthand encounters from my relatives whom I can trust. One of them was witnessed by my two uncles and an aunt. But this is not about it; it is about my eerie experience which is authentic and true to my acquaintance. I had always loved Science from the beginning to the extent that I don't believe in god which greatly upset my religious parents. I had never believed anything uncanny would befall to me, but it did. This weird incident happened in the afternoon of 2003(or somewhere near it), when I was thirteen year old. I was lying down on the dewan face-down in the drawing room with my eyes closely shut so I could not see anything. My sister was watching a soap opera on TV which I can only hear .A popular movie song was playing on the show with few alteration in the music, not very rare in Indian soap. After listening to the whole song, strangely I begin to hear the same song played again. To know what was happening around, I rose up and watched the TV only to find that TV show actor were dancing on that same song. I inquired my sister whether they were playing that song again. She replied no and then I told her that there would be a pause in the song which was not in the original song. We both listened to the pause after sometime. I told her more about the song and every bit of my prediction came true. She told me that it's not hard to know that beforehand and looked at me in disbelief. I told my mother but she totally ignored me. Had I looped back in the time? The fact is I don't know. I repent for not being observant when I was supposed to be wide awake instead of turning blind at that crucial time. You may think I was day dreaming but I was not. Our family shifted to Delhi in 2005 due to transfer of my father. In 2007, in my English class, our teacher had asked us to tell about any of our weird experience like encountering a headless man as we were going to read the chapter "The Third Level". I told the class about it. The response of our English teacher was not an exciting one from which I presumed that she thought it was a far-fetched story. I asked my classmate A (I don't wish to name him) how could it had happened. For your knowledge, I and A seldom talked about Physics and Math like nerds. Instead of answering he told me that at many times, when he was watching TV and telephone bell rang, he would go to other room to attend it and when he returns he find that the show had started from the beginning. He added that it had become common for him and doesn't heed to it anymore.

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