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Cemetery Stories by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

date: Wed, Jun 4, 2008 at 6:31 PM
subject: Paranormal Event - story for you

Hello my name is Jenna and I am from Denver, Colorado. This particular event occurred in January of this year, 2008. My husband and I love nature and walking through cemeteries (we find them peaceful and oddly enough, romantic.).. on that note! My husband and I were driving along Parker Road as we came to a neat little cemetery - Parker Cemetery. We had never gone in to look around before so a few days past and we decided that we wanted to visit this cemetery. We parked along the shopping mall next to the cemetery (this was around 11:00 pm) and walked our way to the fence that guarded it. We crawled under and made our way to one of the main paths that led to other paths off to the side. We took one of the side paths and started walking down. We knew something was strange when we first walked into the cemetery because the hair on our body stood on end, our breath was extremely visible and it had a strange smell. While walking down one of the little paths we chose we got about half way when we both looked at each other in fear. There was a light in the distance and it went out right as we heard something rushing towards us. We also heard something at the exact same time come rushing from behind us and from both directions, whatever it was, went right through us. It was darker than dark - you could almost SEE this blackness rushing at us. We were so frightened at this paranormal event that we turned around and (in a fast pace!) got out of there. We didn't feel at ease until we made it to the car. We felt as if something was watching us or telling us not to be there.

We have gone back several times to this cemetery as well as buried one of our beloved guinea pigs in the back of the cemetery not long ago. It hasn't given us any spooks since that first night.. but it is certainly something we will not forget.

I have a second story. My husband and I are strangely magnetic with energies - always have been. We find lights go on and off when we walk or drive under them. We hear things when no one is around. Our t.v. goes on and off and shoots VHS tapes out for no reason. Anyway...
..while on an adventure in Littleton Cemetery (there are ghost stories at this particular cemetery) in the middle of the night we experienced more paranormal events.

We could see our breath more than usual (it was maybe March and it was chilly but not THAT chilly) once we entered the cemetery. We were walking along one of the paths talking and enjoying ourselves when we came to a large standing light between the trees. As soon as we get directly next to it the air felt like it was bitter cold and the light shut off. We kept feeling as if something was following on the path so we decided it was best to leave. Right when we get to the gates that lead out of the cemetery we hear a LOUD blood curdling scream in the area we had just come from. I knew there was no one else in the cemetery but us so yes, it scared us. When I read online about this particular cemetery there are stories of a young girl who had passed away in a bad manner. People have stories of her screaming in the cemetery from time to time. We certainly know what we heard and felt so of course the pieces fit. I have never heard a scream that terrifying in my life and know it came from out of this world.

Thank you for reading! I have MANY more stories - I had a blind and deaf mini dachshund that would bark as if she was being beaten up at the corner of the room. She started this right when her brother, a big yellow lab passed away at the house from a stroke. I also have stories of being visited by black shadows and we have pictures of not just orbs but beams of light, dark figures, 'mist', etc.

I also have more cemetery stories that include paranormal events. This is just the beginning!

Thank you,

Jenna and Dustin Meldgaard

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