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Calgary Apartment by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

from: Tim B.
date: Tue, May 20, 2008 at 9:30 PM
subject: My ghost experience [it's long]

*after about a year and a half to 2 years I've decided to start telling my story to people other than my close friends. This has been copied and pasted from other paranormal related website I visit, as typing it out over and over would just suck.*

Here's my story of what has happened to me, a former roomate, former girlfriend and one of her friends. It's a long one.

I'll start off by noting that this isn't the most exciting story to hear or be told as I'm not the best story teller in the world, but this is what cemented my opinions on the paranormal involving the 'afterllife'. It's long, but that's because there were many instances that we couldn't begin to explain using simple logic and reasoning.

I was 19 at the time, and had just moved out into my own place with a friend of mine [and then later my girlfriend at the time moved in with us]. It was all good, nice little basement suite just off of 19th Ave NW, almost literally a stone's throw away from McMahon Stadium. Though the suite we lived in looks almost brand new, the rest of the house [and neighbourhood, Capitol Hill] was/is pretty old.... I'd say the house was built at least in the mid-late 50s.

Anyway, it had only been about 2 or 3 days since my friend and I moved in when I started experiencing nothing like I have ever before. The way it was set up was that the back door of the house was our front door, the upstairs had a door sectioning off their space, and a staircase led down to our place. The first experience was a door slamming. I had just come in from having a cigarette when I heard it. The door leading outside was closed, the door leading to the upstairs living space was closed,and the door leading into our place at the bottom of the stairs was closed. The sound came from that stairwell, and it scared the hell out of me haha. I was the only one home - my roomate was at work, and the people upstairs were out.

Of course, when I tell my roomate what had happened, he kinda scoffs at me and that was that. Nothing had really happened until my girlfriend at the time moved in with us.

One instance that involves 2 witnesses happened when we were all sitting in the living room watching TV. Both my girlfriend and roomate got my attention when they were both letting out gasps of astonishment before they told me that a spoon that had been resting on the edge of a cup had lifted up, pointed down and dropped inside said cup. I didn't see it so it didn't affect me. A couple days later my gf comes out of the shower terrified saying that she saw someone inside the bathroom through the shower curtain, and then proceeded to tell me that this person had pressed it's hand into the curtain.

My roomate had told me of this one time he was shaken awake from our invisible occupant. It's important to let it be known that he is a very, very heavy sleeper... snores like an elephant hah, but managed to be woken up by a mild shake.

Another time while lying in bed I wa kind of zoning out when I saw a light... almost like a ball right above my head. It didn't give of any residual light that could be reflected off of anything in that room [which was rather small]. I didn't say anything until my gf asked me if I saw it. It was strange because it didn't reflect anything, and more so because it was coming from an are of the room that had no light sources near it. Another instance with the light happened during a small birthday party for the girlfriend. Her friend stopped myself and my gf to say she saw a light shooting across the ceiling. We kind of shrugged it off because at that point we were pretty much used to the activity going on.

[about half way done]

One day during a weekend where both the girlfriend and I weren't working we got probably the best occurrence. We were sitting in our room watching TV when we heard what sounded like our roomate knocking on the door. The way he knocks is almost like he's tired....he would make a light knock and then kinda brush his knuckle against the door right after. This is exactly what we heard, exactly, and were slightly convinced that it was him, minus the fact that he had left for work about 2 hours before and there was no sign of anyone coming downstairs and opening the door.

the 2nd best instance was during a time when we were determined to get sold proof of this thing. We sat in my room in the dark with the door open just a crack. Of course being in the dark, the light, or lack thereof can play tricks. We all knew that as we were sitting there, so we didn't really expect anything to go down. That changed when at the exact same time, my roomate and girlfriend started panicking, saying that a black mass had come in to the room and was right over top the 2 of them. The only reason I believed them is because they both reacted at the same time, not one after the other.

One time during Halloween the 3 of us, plus 2 of my ex's friends were over and we managed to get everyone in on a table tipping session. For those who might not know, table tipping is where you have everyone rest their fingertips on the top of a table [or in our case a short stool] in hopes that the ghost would use the collective energy of the group to be able to move the table. To say the least, it worked. The stool shifted about 2 inches towards me. As soon as it moved we all lifted our hands up because none of us had expected it to work. We were all sitting cross-legged on the floor, so that ruled out any sneaky footwork of any kind.

- I break from the story to point out that I am kind of on the fence with this way of communicating. It's something that can easily be done by someone who doesn't even know they're doing it. The power of suggestion is a strong thing, and I'm not one to jump to the conclusion that whatever happens during table tipping [or even with the board] is the actual works of a disembodied entity -

Most of my own personal experiences consist of seeing, hearing and feeling the entity itself. Unfortunately most of what I saw would be during a mid-turn towards or away from it, so I never got a good look. My eyes, though, were the lesser of the receivers as I heard and felt alot... alot in that place. Most of the time I'd be sitting in the living room and I'd hear someone coming towards or leaving the living room/kitchen area and walk down the hall. I, as well as the other 2 people I lived with could hear footsteps and shuffling in the hallway. The way the living room was set up was so that the couch had the back facing the opposite side of the house, and my roomate chair was on the other side, getting a very good view of the hallway, in which he has seen movement in.

What I would see out of the corner of my eye all the time is what I would feel as well. I'd be sitting in the living room, watching TV and I'd feel someone come into the room and sit down beside me, as if it were one of the people I was living with, except of course, there's be nobody there. Regularly this would happen, to the point that it would get annoying - mostly because whenever I'd be watching TV and I'd feel this person walk into the room and sit beside me, I'd usually be watching the comedy channel. I'd laugh out loud at a good joke and look over to the person beside me expecting to see the same reaction that I've been giving, yet I'd be alone.

It seemed that whatever was with us had no real intent on scaring us, or harming us. From what I understand now that I've gotten more and more into the paranormal is that it was an intelligent ghost, mostly because of how it seemed to mostly concentrate on my ex. It's been about 2 to 2.5 years since we lived there. I've often thought of going there and asking the current resident if they have experienced anything similar to what I have.... perhaps one day

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