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Gazebo Spirit by Anonymous [Reviews - 0]

From: (Richard Crawford)
Newsgroups: alt.folklore.ghost-stories
Subject: Putah Creek Lodge
Date: 27 Sep 1995 21:02:20 GMT

In response to a request from the group, here is one of my collected Davis hauntings. I apologize; I honestly didn't even think to post these. I knew people would be interested, it just slipped my mind. Well, here's the first tale. It's an experience that happened to my ex-girlfriend (for purposes of the tale, I'll call her "Sally").

Putah Creek runs through Yolo and Solano counties in California, cutting through the south part of the University of California, Davis campus. Outside of Davis, Putah Creek is a good place for fishing and relaxing, but inside of town, it's rather stagnant and still. Still, though, there are some beautiful spots along the creek on campus, such as the Redwood Grove and the Arboretum.

At one point along the creek on campus, near the western edge, there is a place called the Gazebo. It is nothing more than a large wooden gazebo surrounded by shrubs and trees and grass. During the day, it's a rather peaceful and pretty place, but at night, especially when there's no moon, it's very different.

One dark moonless night, Sally and two of her friends were walking along Putah Creek, and they came to the Gazebo. They decided to stop there and sit for awhile and talk. At first, everything seemed fine, but as time went on, Sally's friend Bob (not his real name) began to feel uneasy.

"There's something evil here," Bob said (or something like that). Sally and her other friend Julie (again, not her real name) looked at him and asked him what he meant.

Bob didn't explain, he just repeated what he had said.

Sally and Julie were starting to get a little freaked out. But they decided the best thing to do would be to relax and not worry about it.

However, Bob just kept getting more nervous, and the three of them started to hear noises coming from the bushes surrounding the gazebo. The sounds kept coming closer and closer. They tried to explain it away as an animal, but it sounded too large to be a cat or a dog or one of the hundreds of possums we get around here.

A few moments later, when the three of them were really scared and had decided to leave, a person emerged from the bushes and stood in the gazebo and stared at them. Then, that person vanished!

Bob's feelings of evil about the place didn't dissipate; in fact, as they left, he started to feel as though he were being followed. Sally and Julie began to feel the evil presence as well, and they could all three feel it getting stronger and closer. They left the gazebo, running. To this day, Sally refuses to go back there, saying that the evil presence remembers her and wants her.

I looked around to find out a bit more about this story. It turns out that a few years ago, a student distraught about finals committed suicide by hanging himself in the gazebo. Sally is not the only person to have told me about a presence there; and Bob is not the only one to have felt evil in the place.

What do you all think? Davis has quite a few hauntings, and if you liked this one I'll be happy to post more. Thanks for listening.


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